Accessing Course Content

Accessing Course Content

Please watch this short video for an overview on accessing the Course Content through Articles, Audios, and Video

Accessing Course Content (

To listed to the audio in our course material you will click on the underlined title. Picture below is an example of a course that contains audio and articles. 

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    • Most Commonly asked Questions

      Please click on the links below to watch a short tutorial. Accessing Course Content: Accessing Course Content ( Evaluations: Evaluations Complete ( My Courses Overview: My Courses Overview ( Paying for courses: Paying ...
    • Accessing purchased courses

      To access your course that you purchased, click the "Log In" link in the upper right on any of our pages. If you have forgotten your password, click on "I forgot my password." My Courses overview: When you have ...
    • Why does my certificate not say that the course fulfills a requirement?

      Whether a certain course fulfills a requirement is determined by fact of the course content, which is outlined in the Course Description, Syllabus and Educational Objectives. Whether a course is fulfilling a requirement is neither determined by the ...
    • Where is the course evaluation?

      The course evaluations will be available after your Posttest. It is very important that you complete the evaluations to their entirety, or your certificate of completion will not be generated. *The final question of the Activity Evaluation is a ...
    • Are there updated versions of HIPAA course?

      You will find everything about the HIPAA course at, the description of the course, objectives and syllabus and is as up to date as it can be.