Can I repeat a course I've already taken from ZI?

Can I repeat a course I've already taken from ZI?

Please contact Customer Service if you would like to repeat a course that you've previously taken with ZI.
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    • How do I access records for courses I've already taken?

      The courses that you have taken are listed on your personal Online Courses "My Courses" Page, which you can access through the "Login" link in the upper right of our main page.
    • How do I find out what courses I have taken with ZI?

      Simply "Login" to your Online Courses "My Courses" Page and you will be able to see the courses you have taken or enrolled in. Courses will remain in your "My Courses" for seven years.
    • How do I register for an online course? What about New Users?

      The process is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps: For existing AND New users, choose an online course from our listing or other indexes. Click on "Order Now" button. In order to continue, you will need to sign in. If you have an account, ...
    • How to review course material while taking the Posttest

      Once you have started the Posttest your answer will be autosaved. You can select Content in the Activity Progress section and will be taken to the Course Content. Once you have reviewed the material and are ready to go back to the test you can select ...
    • How do I get access to the course after I register?

      After you have successfully completed your online registration, you will first receive an email confirming your registration. This is your receipt. You you also be taken directly to the course materials if you purchased only ONE course or to "My ...