Do I need to have a license # to register for a course?

Do I need to have a license # to register for a course?

No, if you take the course/s as part of pre-license requirement/s, obviously, you do not need to have a license #. If you do not have one, choose "No License" under "Profession" when registering and you will not be required to complete a license # or license state.
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    • Do I need a password?

      Yes. After you register you can Login to your course management at any time. You will need to choose a password initially to access your personal home page and course material. At anytime you can go to "My Account" and change the password in your ...
    • How do I register for an online course? What about New Users?

      The process is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps: For existing AND New users, choose an online course from our listing or other indexes. Click on "Order Now" button. In order to continue, you will need to sign in. If you have an account, ...
    • Which Course Should I Take?

      Zur Institute cannot recommend specific courses.  Every licensing board has its specific requirements.  You will need to check your state’s requirements.
    • Do I need any special software to take the online courses?

      You do not need any special software normally. Most of the articles or course material are simple web pages (html). Some are MP3 audios, Flash videos, YouTube videos, PDFs, and a very few use PowerPoint. These files may require extra software. All ...
    • How do I get access to the course after I register?

      After you have successfully completed your online registration, you will first receive an email confirming your registration. This is your receipt. You you also be taken directly to the course materials if you purchased only ONE course or to "My ...