How do I become a member of the Zur institute to take online courses?

How do I become a member of the Zur institute to take online courses?

You must first create a Free Account. Once you have created an account you can register for your desired course.

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    • What is included in my Online Courses "My Courses" Page?

      Your Online Courses "My Courses" Page includes all the information about your online courses' activities. For each course it includes: Course material, Posttest, Evaluation and Certificate. You have access to your Online Courses "My Courses" Page ...
    • Zur Institute's Board Approvals

      The Licensing Board Approvals for Zur Institute can be found at the link below. If you have questions on specific course approval, it is encouraged that you contact your board for confirmation.
    • Can I take courses if I am not a mental health professional?

      Anyone may take our courses, although they are geared toward continuing education for mental health professional to maintain their licensure. You will need to create an account with ZI. Once your account has been created you can select your course of ...
    • How long is Zur Institute required to keep CE records of students?

      The CA Code of Regulations for Continuing Education says: Section 1397.65. Requirements for Approved Providers (such as Zur Institute). (f) The approved provider shall be required to maintain attendance records for three (3) years for each continuing ...
    • Can I get material for online courses in hard copy via mail or fax?

      No. Our online courses are to be done completely online. We neither fax nor mail the course material, as these courses are designated as online courses not home study courses.