How do I find out what courses I have taken with ZI?

How do I find out what courses I have taken with ZI?

Simply "Login" to your Online Courses "My Courses" Page and you will be able to see the courses you have taken or enrolled in. Courses will remain in your "My Courses" for seven years.
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    • Can I repeat a course I've already taken from ZI?

      Please contact Customer Service if you would like to repeat a course that you've previously taken with ZI.
    • How do I access records for courses I've already taken?

      The courses that you have taken are listed on your personal Online Courses "My Courses" Page, which you can access through the "Login" link in the upper right of our main page.
    • Where do I find the Handouts for the Webinar?

      You can find the webinar handouts by logging into your ZI account and selecting My Webinars.  Click on View Event of the Webinar you are accessing. You will then be taken the Webinar overview with the option to Enter Zoom Webinar and Download Webinar ...
    • What is included in my Online Courses "My Courses" Page?

      Your Online Courses "My Courses" Page includes all the information about your online courses' activities. For each course it includes: Course material, Posttest, Evaluation and Certificate. You have access to your Online Courses "My Courses" Page ...
    • Accessing purchased courses

      To access your course that you purchased, click the "Log In" link in the upper right on any of our pages. If you have forgotten your password, click on "I forgot my password."  Login video: When you have signed ...