How do I get my certificate?

How do I get my certificate?

After you pass the posttest and complete the evaluation, you will be able to access the certificate on your individualized Online Courses Home page.
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    • I've lost my certificate/s of completion. How do I get duplicates?

      Simply sign in to your Online Courses "My Courses" Page and re-print your certificate.
    • Certification vs Certificate Programs

      At the successful completion of each course you will received a certificate of a course completion which you can use to satisfy your licensing board renewal requirements. Besides the individual course certificates, we offer ‘Certificate Programs’ ...
    • How do I get on your email list?

      There are several ways people get on our email list: Join our email list and receive our Clinical Updates. If you sign up for an online course or email us for any reason, you will most likely be added to the list.
    • How do I get Adobe Acrobat so I can read PDF articles?

      To get Adobe Acrobat so you can read PDF articles, simply download the free program.
    • How do I get off your email list?

      Removing yourself from the email list is quick and easy: Email us to request removal. We'll take care of it promptly and confirm. Every one of our Clinical Update emails has a clear Unsubscribe option. You can select that option and get off the list. ...