I've lost my certificate/s of completion. How do I get duplicates?

I've lost my certificate/s of completion. How do I get duplicates?

Simply "Login" to your Online Courses. Select "My Courses" and select "My Completed Courses." Scroll to the desired course you'd like to get a duplicate certificate. Select Review & Access Certificate.

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    • How do I get my certificate?

      Log into your ZI account, select My Courses, and select Completed Courses. Find the courses that you would like a Certificate for, you will see Review & Access Certificate. Click on Review & Access Certificate and a Certificate of completion will be ...
    • Certification vs Certificate Programs

      At the successful completion of each course you will received a certificate of a course completion which you can use to satisfy your licensing board renewal requirements. Besides the individual course certificates, we offer ‘Certificate Programs’ ...
    • Can I change the date on the certificate after I have passed the posttest?

      The educational program enters the date of completion into the certificate automatically as soon as you have completed the evaluation, and it cannot be changed. IMPORTANT NOTE: All times/dates are Eastern Standard Time.
    • Will completing a certificate program in TeleMental Health enable me to offer this service?

      From the Certificate Program in TeleMental Health page at https://www.zurinstitute.com/course/certificate-in-telemental-health/ you will see: Disclaimer: The courses offered in this certificate program regarding TeleMental Health are purely ...
    • Why does my certificate not say that the course fulfills a requirement?

      Whether a certain course fulfills a requirement is determined by fact of the course content, which is outlined in the Course Description, Syllabus and Educational Objectives. Whether a course is fulfilling a requirement is neither determined by the ...