Most Commonly asked Questions

Most Commonly asked Questions

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Accessing Course Content: Accessing Course Content (

Navigating through a course:

Posttest Information: Posttest Info (

My Courses Overview: My Courses Overview (

Paying for courses: Paying for course (

Printing a Certificate of Completion: Print a Certificate of Completion (

Printing a Posttest: Printing Posttest (

Accessing a Webinar and the handouts: Webinar access & handouts (

Accessing Post Webinar Activities:

Order History Receipt: How to view receipts (

Purchasing with Tokens: Purchase with Tokens (

Turning on Closed Captioning to a video: Turning on Closed Captioning (

Accessing Courses using an iPhone: Accessing course content on phone (

Where can I find the Licensing Board Approvals for Zur Institute:

Understand the new CPD- California Psychologists: 

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    • Refund Guaranty

      Our No Questions Asked Guarantee: Not every course suits every person’s need or matches their learning style. If the course you purchase does not meet your expectation, we will either replace the course with another of your choosing – up to 6 months ...
    • Zur Institute's Board Approvals

      The Licensing Board Approvals for Zur Institute can be found at the link below. If you have questions on specific course approval, it is encouraged that you contact your board for confirmation.
    • Why does my certificate not say that the course fulfills a requirement?

      Whether a certain course fulfills a requirement is determined by fact of the course content, which is outlined in the Course Description, Syllabus and Educational Objectives. Whether a course is fulfilling a requirement is neither determined by the ...
    • How do I sign into my account to access my account on the new website?

      If you are an existing customer, you will be asked to complete a one-time password reset, and then verify your information. Please do not create a new account as a new account will not contain your existing courses and learning history.  Login ...
    • What is your APA Provider number

      The American Psychological Association (APA) does not issue provider #s. However, Zur Institute, Inc. is approved by the APA, and as such have permission to post the following on our Board Approvals page at ...