Navigating Courses in My Account - course materials, posttest, evaluations, cert of completions

Navigating Courses in My Account - course materials, posttest, evaluations, cert of completions

First, sign in to your account at (upper right hand link in our site all pages) using your email and password you created. You will land in your account at "My Courses". Find the course you want to start first and click the button that says"Begin" or "Resume". This will take you either to the Course Materials page or the Posttest depending on where you are in the process. If it takes you to the Course Materials, clicking the links will bring up new tabs or windows in your browser. For all audios, there are links that say "for text transcript, click here" for text based articles.

To access your posttest,  look at the bottom of the Course Materials page for the "Continue" link. When you are in the posttest, you can always access your course materials again by clicking the link near the top that states: "To review course materials, click here".

If you leave the course for any reason and you have any answers completed on your posttest, there is an auto-save function in the posttest that should always save your answers. However, I always suggest that you click Save at the bottom of the posttest.

After you pass the posttest, continue on (and on) through the prompts to complete the evaluations and you will finally be presented with your certificate of completion.
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