Printing a certificate

Printing a certificate

Watch this short video for an overview on printing your certificates.

Print a Certificate of Completion (
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      Watch this short video for an overview on printing your Posttest. Printing Posttest ( You can print the posttest and follow along as you review the course material. You must then transfer your answers to the online posttest in order to ...
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    • I can't print my online certificate. What do I do?

      If you cannot print your certificate turn your printer off and then on again. Or restart your computer. The certificate is like any other web page and you should be able to print it without any problem. You will be able to print your certificate ...
    • How do I get my certificate?

      Log into your ZI account, select My Courses, and select Completed Courses. Find the courses that you would like a Certificate for, you will see Review & Access Certificate. Click on Review & Access Certificate and a Certificate of completion will be ...
    • What is the date that will appear on my certificate?

      The date that will appear on your certificate is the date you complete the EVALUATION of your course. IMPORTANT NOTE: All times/dates are Eastern Standard Time.