What happens if I fail the posttest?

What happens if I fail the posttest?

If you fail the test (i.e., score below 75%), you can take the posttest again. In fact, you can take it as many times as necessary to pass.
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    • Can't submit posttest or evaluation

      If your posttest or evaluation says you did not complete a question (a red box at the top reading "Please Correct: Incomplete or invalid questions are marked in red."), it is most probable that there is one or more questions you did not answer. This ...
    • How do I get to the posttest?

      You can access the posttest by clicking on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the 'Course Content' page. Alternatively, you can access the posttests by selecting Posttest in the Activity Progress section on the right side of your screen.  If you ...
    • Is the posttest an "open book" exam?

      Yes, the posttest is in an "open book" format. You can review the course material while you are completing the posttest. You can review the course reading material on your desktop or in hard copy if you chose to print the articles. All materials open ...
    • Can I print the posttest before reading the articles?

      As these are open-book courses, you can print the posttest and follow along as you review the course material. You must then transfer your answers to the online posttest in order to progress to your certificate of completion. To access your posttest, ...
    • Can I see the answers to my posttest?

      You can find your posttest answers (once you have completed the posttest) in "My Courses". You will see a "Review" button by the title of the course you have completed.